Tag Fastener : Loop Pin

Loop Pin are manual tag fasteners, which are fastened by hand and do not require any type of tag gun for tagging or labelling products ; loop pin is a type of hand tag fastener. It is important to note that the loop pin fastener can be only be used if the product being tagged has a provision securely fastening a loop. The use of our loop pins to attach price card or label, is recommended for a wide variety of products like - shirts, pants, ladies purses, shoes, suitcases, sunglasses, jewellery, toys, wine bottles, and many more.

Raw Material:PP

PP (sizes in inches):3" , 5" , 7" , 9"

Packing Details:500 loop pin per polybag , 10 polybags of loop pin per inner box , 20 inner boxes of loop pin in one carton

Recommended Usage:loop pins are commonly used on articles where you do not wish to make a hole using tag gun, or it is not possible or not recommended, such as high cost pants/shirts, jars, sun-glasses, wired gadgets, plants, flower pots, rings, necklaces, kids stuff toys, ladies purses, carry cases, bottles etc.

Colors:Natural and Black Color Only

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