Chokho Tagging Gun UB9S

Our Chokho brand tagging gun, the UB9S, is designed to be a very cost competitive standard tagging gun. Though the price is more competitive than other brands currently available in the market, the quality of this product is not compromised. Well engineered designing in the parts of this standard tag gun, makes using this tag gun a matter of comfort and pleasure.

The Chokho standard tagging gun, UB9S, is suited for operating only with standard tag pins or standard shooter pins. This standard tagging gun is fitted with Mark I type tag gun needle, and we highly recommend use of the Arrow C121 needle along with it. Apart from this, you could also use the following needles along with this tag gun : Arrow P121 tagging gun needle, Arrow H121 tagging gun needle, Arrow T121 tagging gun needle, etc.

Chokho Tagging Gun UB9S

Suitable Needles

Arrow C121 Arrow P121 Arrow H121 Arrow Y121 Arrow C131

Chokho tagging gun is a low cost tagging gun available in the market with comfortable trigger mechanism. Chokho tagging guns works well with standard tag pin, standard hook pin tag pin, standard `v' pin tag pin, standard ring pin tag pin. The Chokho tagging gun is a very light weight tag gun (weighing below 98 gms), and yet it is well designed for rugged use. The Chokho tagging gun is recommended for use with standard to medium weight fabrics. The hole normally created on the garment when pierced through this tag gun, is about 2.29mm diameter, but this is normally well covered up (hidden) once the shooter pin is cut and removed. Do note, that the maximum thickness you can tag using this tagging gun is 10mm.

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